Keep your radar on, question the world around you and use your imagination often.


Writing & performing songs a are one of the best ways to communicate an idea or a message, express a feeling and/or make a statement. All songs are written by the influence of some form of life experience and/or a developed perspective on things based on the songwriter themselves. It is important therefore to actively seek that inspiration, it can also be a good means to find the subject material and or drive to write a song by actively perusing the inspiration to create. Inspiration can be drawn from anything: a book, a figure, and experience, a thought or anything that affects an individual to the point of acting upon it. It is infinitely easier to write a song, if the songwriter first slims down the nature of what they are going to write about and/or where the individual or group are coming from. If you sit donw to write a song, it can be difficult to find the starting point, if i told you to write a song about bananas, you quickly have some very specific things to say. this is why it is important to have a good idea what you are trying to communicate, before you sit down to write the song. Find your inspiration.


You may have had a personal experience in your life that that affected you in some form positively or negatively; this can be one of the greatest areas of inspiration due to the first hand experience and or the personal imagery that can be associated lyrically or musically to a song. This increases the chances of listeners to relate to that personal experience and/or feelings associated with the song.


Stories can come in many forms, from word of mouth, books, newspapers, news reports and media broadcasting as well as history itself and stories made up by individuals which bares no limitations. As stories can can in all forms, there is more than likely many stories that grabbed your attention at some point in your life. it is therefore another good place to draw inspiration when constructing a song. Poetry is another good form of written and performed lyrical ideas rhythms and or topics/wording that can be a healthy source of inspiration


Art and visual media can be yet another source of inspiration for writing songs, wheter its ther= story behind the piece of the feelings it promotes with yourself. Adapting these thought into sequences or lyrical ideas can be a logical progression in the creation of song.


Sometimes you may come across a particular band or artist that appeals to you musically or topically. This is why bands and artists can be a really good source for inspiration as well as to help define musical identity and/or direction.


When creating songs it can be common practice to simply make something up, write your own story or create your own emotive piece, draw from your own imagination in the the music you create.


Look around you at what is going on, form an opinion, do you research, give yourself a perspective on life an morals and communicate it through your music to other people. Good reflective songs on what is going on now, can infact ecome timeless with the mesages and ideas that have been for most of human history, it can also be effective in communiatn ida and presenting a increased chnce of change and efct on what is going on itelf, by simply bringing an idea to a greater public awareness.


An example of drawing inspiration from a video and constructing a song around a concept or idea. The first video is one featuring an interview with John Hagelin talking about consciousness. The second video is a track by 'Ash Tu-kay' titled "Unified Field" - the song was based around the first video.