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Situated in the historically rich village of Stoke Bruerne, near Northampton, Northamptonshire. Tu-kay Records is an independent project studio created by producer, songwriter and musician 'Ash Tu-kay'.

Whether you're a singer/songwriter, musician or a band; Tu-kay Records can help. We Specialise in developing and assisting artists & bands to fully realise their music in the form of fully produced works, contributing as much or as little as necessary.

Since 2006 Tu-kay Records has recorded a string of successful projects and tracks. Much of these have been released under the Audio Vendor record label.

Audio Vendor

Audio Vendor is a record label associated with Tu-kay Records. It is an independent record label made up of independent musicians, bands, artists, songwriters & producers. Artist Collaboration, Event Organisation & Music Production.


Knowledge Archive

The Knowledge Archive features various topics of interest relating to Music Production and Songwriting. Visit the archive to view said topics of interest, ideas, approaches, perspectives and understandings.

The Studio
Recording Room

Recording Room

Built in a converted attic space above a Pub and Restaurant. The recording room is a good balance of reflection and absorption aiding in a clear, clean and natural sound.



Featuring 16 channel recording capability between the recording room and the control room, with a good range of instruments, hardware, software and microphones available..

Control Room

Control Room

The control room is the cock-pit of the music production environment. The project studio is comfortable and spacious, with a view into the Recording Room via camera feed.